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College Tuition Waivers

Some states in the U.S. offer tuition waivers for higher education. Learn more about what your state offers.

States with statewide tuition waivers:

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

  • California

  • Connecticut

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • Minnesota

  • Missouri

  • Nevada

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • Oklahoma

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Texas 

  • Utah

  • West Virginia


State Funded Scholarships

While there are various scholarship opportunities in every state, these seven have specific state funded scholarship programs for students who were in the foster care system. 

  • Alabama

  • Arkansas

  • Iowa

  • Michigan

  • New York

  • North Carolina

  • Washington

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an additional resource for grants, scholarships and loans. 

Educational Training Vouchers

The John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 was implemented to ease the burdens of post-secondary education for those aging out of the foster care system across the U.S. 

Those eligible may receive up to $5,000 per year or until the states age limit is reached. This money can be used in combination with additional grants and scholarships. 

Find out more information on the ETV program.

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