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Sharing resources for those aging out of the U.S. foster care system.

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May 31 is National Aging Out of Foster Care Awareness Day.

This registered awareness day was created to serve those who have aged out of foster care, or will do so soon.​

This page exists to help ease fears and shine light into what may feel to be a dark time. 

Leaving foster care may feel hopeless and create anxiety about what the future holds for young adults. Resources here include programs available for youth preparing to age out, reminders of what is available to them by the government and more. 

Anyone can help.

There is always a need for volunteers, donations and other services for youth aging out of the foster care system. Find out how you can help in your state


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From Someone in Your Shoes

"Go to college"

After spending his teenage years in foster care, Ronald Wallace took charge of his own life and now encourages others to do the same. 

"One foot in front of the other"

Brianna has devoted her career to helping teens that are preparing to age out of the foster care system and always encourages her clients to take life one step at a time. 

"Take advantage of your resources"

Linda, who now works with children in foster care, says she encourages others to utilize the resources that are available. 

"Don't let your friends be influencers of your life"

Shatorri Taylor reminds others to make choices that are best for themselves, not based on what friends are doing in the moment.

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Life After

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